• Mx. Tooley

Growing with Mrs. T

Why the name?

We are all on different points of our journey.

This crazy thing called life.

I do not have all the answers nor am I an 'expert' in any particular field.

I am dedicated to challenging myself, to being made uncomfortable. To putting forth my time for others, and no, that is not a sacrifice.

I want to document that journey. Put out my words, resources, and ideas for you to learn and grow from, too.

Or just laugh.

As an educator, I want to put out my work and journey and as a learner I want to document my own journey for you.

So here it it.

Growing with Mrs. T.

In my learning, I am working each day to be a better educator which also means to be a better ally. An ally is a person who wants to fight for the equality of a marginalized group(s) that they are not a part of. The biggest part about being an ally that I have found is check your privilege and listen.

Listening is one I cannot stress enough. We, as human beings, are quick to jump into the explaining, defending, or judging categories, particularly on social media. We can also fall prey to wanting things explained to us. Don't. If you have questions, do the work. Research first before you ask, and if you really want to take time from a person already doing the research and work, see how you can support them whether financially or amplifying their work.

Mistakes will happen. I've learned this and continue to learn this. I've made mistakes, but I listened, learned, reflected and grew. The biggest thing to take this path is to know that you will make mistakes, and you need to leave your pride at the door. You need to allow yourself to be uncomfortable. You will be uncomfortable, and that is great! Take a moment and ask yourself why are you uncomfortable? What is it about the saying/post/article has made you feel this way? Take time to unpack and reflect and grow from that moment. Be okay with the challenges and mistakes.

As an educator, I find this work above has not only made me a better educator, but also, a more aware human being. I see more, I connect more, I've realized more. It can difficult (#struggleisreal) and that is okay. It is okay to be upset, to not know. I had to do a lot of my own work, but also found that many educators are willing to share their journey. There was community and hope found there. I found a foundation and joy and voices and power. Know that you are not alone in your journey.

With each post, I will focus on aspects of eduction, journey, or resources found or created. I want this place to be an area where others are amplified, their work is shared, and you can connect. I want this to be a place to access curriculum, resources and more. I want this to be a site where you can thrive by learning and growing.

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