Teaching Tolerance

This site has amazing resources for educators including lessons and articles on how to address social justice topics in the classroom. 

Facing History and 


This website has resources, articles, and educator trainings to help you understand and know history. This helps educators understand ways to discuss complex historical topics and have discussions around those topics without whitewashing the conversation. Check out their website! 

NAEYC Anti Bias Resources 

Looking for resources for anti bias work in your classroom? Check out this amazing website. It has a lot of amazing content and ideas for educators doing the work! 

Zinn Education 


This site is filled with resources, lessons and more on ways to teach multiple aspects in history and beyond. They focus on creating units as well as individual lessons. Check out their site below! 

Britt Hawthorne 

Britt Hawthorne is creating a community of ABAR practitioners! She holds space for discussions around race, anti bias work, and education. Her patreon holds content that helps each person grow in understanding, unpacking one's bias, and more. She is always rooting for you! Check her site out! 

Tiffany Jewell 

Tiffany Jewell is creating Anti-Bias Anti-Racist Curriculum. She shares, collaborates, and discusses her journey. Her curriculum, which is filled with resources and amazing lessons, is currently free after attending her workshop. Check out her Patreon and all the work she does! 

Teach and Transform 

Liz Kleinrock believes that an "inclusive, equitable public education is the first step towards a solution to narrowing the opportunity gap in our country." She is focused on bringing this pedagogy to educators, sharing resources, and giving resources. Check out her site for more! 

American Indians in Children's Literature 

This site holds a lot of resources to ensure that ALL voices are heard in our literature. "Established in 2006, American Indians in Children's Literature (AICL) provides critical perspectives and analysis of indigenous peoples in children's and young adult books, the school curriculum, popular culture, and society." Click the link to check it out! 

Growing List of 


Looking for books to make sure all represented? This is a growing list of books that you can utilize to find more amazing books for your classroom, home, and/or space!


Book List 

Looking for books to make sure all represented? Check out this blog post with 60 books listed and links to more! This is a great place to start when building a library that represents all in your classroom, home, or space. 

20 Face to Face Advisories 

Looking for ways to engage your students in all four areas of social justice standards? These activities are fantastic for morning meetings, daily discussions, and more. Check them out and work through them with your students! 

Foundations in Social Justice 

This amazing PDF breaks down different aspects of social justice and what conversations starters can be used to guide specific discussions in the classroom and beyond. 

Social Justice Standards

Teaching Tolerance worked to create these amazing, focused standards for educators. There are four categories with "I can" statements underneath each. They progress from identity all the way to action. Utilize them to grow your focus on social justice in your classroom! 

The Four I's of Oppression

To grow and teach social justice, we must first do our own work. We have to understand our own bias, privilege and history. This article is a great place to start. 

The Conscious Kid 

On this site, you will find articles on current events, critical conversations, and book recommendations. They are always doing the work and presenting their findings. Support them if you can! 

Resources to Include Black History Through the Year

This amazing Google Drive was put together and shared. It holds names and resources of famous African Americans, history of the countries in Africa, and history of topics like black feminism. Check it out and utilize it through the year! 

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